Are the truck drivers lost in your plant?

22 August, 2019

Are the truck drivers lost in your plant? Point them the North with SLV Cement.

For large cement plants worldwide, the complete organization of hundreds (or maybe thousands) of trucks within the plants to grant the necessary dispatching operations is often a great challenge. These plants have huge production capabilities and require a well-orchestrated transportation plan, which is usually open to human errors and faults.

From the trucks arrival at the cement plant parking area, to the dispatching of cement, every truck driver must be guided through the several plant areas and checkpoints based on simple and fair rules, which will ensure the lowest turnaround time for each loading or unloading operation, performed with slight or no interventions by the plant operators, and with safety and security.

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group is aware of these challenges in cement plants and has been introducing and implementing the SLV Cement software and automation system to improve cement plants worldwide for decades now, improving the organization of truck movement; reducing human intervention in the dispatch processes; increasing the safety within the plant; and reducing the total time to complete each operation.

SLV Cement introduces automatic parking and queue management for the truck waiting areas and parking plazas; automatic identification and traffic control using RFID technologies (both short and long range), traffic lights and control barriers; unmanned/self-service weighing, loading and unloading operations; and ensures a smooth ERP integration of all dispatching and weighing data, creating a vertical dispatching solution for cement plants.

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