SLV Cement arrives in Morocco

Votorantim Asment Temara is the the company in Morocco where Cachapuz is installing SLV Cement, the advanced logistics IT solution that standardizes and automates the logistic flow of materials in cement plants.

SLV Cement improves and optimizes dispatch processes, allowing the monitoring and control of operations, as well as plant performance and the level of service provided. Integrated with the company’s ERP, the technological solution is also equipped with powerful operational analysis tools, automatically generating detailed reports according to the designated users.

SLV Cement implementation aims to optimize and automate the logistic flows of raw material input and cement exit, whether in bags, pallets or in bulk, fully integrated with SAP.

The scope of the implementation also includes the automation of the operations of entry, exit and transfer of material from the main quarry of Asment to the aggregate business unit in Grabemaro.

Votorantim Asment Temara is one of the most important cement companies in Morocco, working on several reference projects in that country. With an integrated cement factory that presents a total annual cement production capacity of 1.2 million tons, it’s responsible for the production of four types of cement for different uses in construction.

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Cachapuz trains the LafargeHolcim engineers

Cachapuz has concluded the training of the engineers of the Bazian and Tasluja plants in order to be autonomous in the installation, operationalization and maintenance of the Bag Printing system implemented by Cachapuz.

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New Customer Service Kiosks at Cimpor / Intercement Group

Cachapuz has installed the new service kiosks at the parking zone in the various industrial units of Cimpor in Portugal.
This new family of service kiosks is in the process of equipment revamping and involves the provision of a more evolved operation to the truck drivers.

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Cachapuz steps into the LafargeHolcim universe

United Cement Company que integram o Grupo LafargeHolcim.
Cachapuz has received confirmation of the implementation of the Bag Printing module in the Bazian Cement Company and United Cement Company factories that are part of the LafargeHolcim Group, the largest cement group in the world.

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SLV Cement implemented in Butibori, India

Cachapuz has recently finished the implementation of the SLV Cement solution on the Butibori plant, in India, one of the three industrial units of the Reliance Cement Company Private Limited (RCCPL).

This unit located in Maharashtra has an installed capacity of 0.5 million tonnes per year. Commissioned in 2012, its activity is actually directed to the regions of Vidharbaha in Maharashtra and Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh markets.

SLV Cement is integrated with SAP and with the existing weighbridge automation, introducing processes improvement at different levels, namely:
– Clear and segmented vision of turnaround time (TAT);
– Automatic analysis and cross-checking of the of loaded bags with the exit weight;
– Precise system to count the bags integrated with the rest of the process, including automatic MRP printing and automatic loading operations;
– Optimized monitoring of trucks movements;
– Registration, maintenance and control of trucks legal information (PUC, Insurance, Fitness Certificate).

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SLV Cement is an innovative system that is focused on cement manufacturing plants, providing the complete automation of the main processes: weighing, shipping, parking, entry/exit gates, bulk loading, bags loading and counting, raw materials unloading and ERP integration.

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Leadership is about weighing details!

Portugal is now a fashionable theme. Outside its borders it is a ‘hit’ in terms of tourism and culture. There are Portuguese companies of excellence and ‘case studies’ that are reported daily. And all this in a country plunged into a deep crisis and austerity. Are we living in two different realities? Probably. One part lives. The other survives.

For those who ‘choose’ to live, success is the goal, but the path is long and arduous, only transposed to the bold and persevering. When they reach the mountain top, as in football, only the result matters and we rarely see the ‘game’: how muscular, demanding and persistent was the epic uphill path.

This is the beginning of an enlightening article that Cachapuz published in the prestigious ICR Magazine last September.

Read all about here (pdf download).

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Nova Cimangola upgrades Cachapuz’s SLV Cement

Cachapuz and New Cimangola have reinforced their partnership for the automation of the SLV Cement solution.
A Nova Cimangola, located in Luanda, is the leading producer of cement in Angola; since 2007, Cachapuz has been supplying this company with technologically innovative equipment and solutions to manage the cement dispatch and the raw materials reception.
Cachapuz SLV Cement solution was implemented in late 2009 in the Nova Cimangola industrial unit in the Cacuaco municipality, but time has now come to upgrade the solution in order to ensure the highest level of automation. Cachapuz has strengthened the implemented system by providing it with a new set of modules and features that allow the optimization of the control and management of the trucks’ flow for loading and unloading operations.
The modernization of the SLV Cement solution results from its latest version and developed software based on an architecture oriented towards an operational front-end and web based management services. These are equipped with advanced tools for monitoring, tracking and reporting, thus increasing control on operating procedures for the reception of raw materials and shipment of bagged or bulk cement.
In practice, the SLV Cement solution brings together the dispatch and control of logistics flow that automates all processes, from the arrival of a truck to the factory to the cement shipping, automatically printing all the required documentation at the end of the process.
Cachapuz ensures, once again, its domain when it comes to innovation by making use of the evolution and technological development put in this solution together with its proactive attitude towards the market.

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RFID identification technology applied in cement plants

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and it is one of the most used technologies in the world, in several business sectors and industries, for automatic identification, assets management and tracking of goods, vehicles, animals and even persons (called human implantation).

Cachapuz has been using the RFID technology solution since the early 90s’, by implementing it for truck management and loading/unloading applications in cement and other industries, with proven results.

By using an RFID tag or card (with short or long range RFID technology), truck drivers can interact with the SLV Cement system in several areas of the plant avoiding the need to contact with plant operators. Drivers present the RFID tag in one or more SLV Cement Kiosks or RFID readers along the process and the system automatically validates the information associated to that particular tag (by consulting the cached master data or by exchanging information with the customer’s ERP), also validates the type of operation the driver wants to perform on the plant and authorizes/denies the access of the driver to the next stage of the process. SLV Cement will guide the driver throughout the process automatically with great benefits for the plant, for the plant’s customers, suppliers, transporters and also for the plant staff.

To see the SLV Cement RFID identification and control features, please watch the demonstration videos.

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SLV Cement implemented in Tunisia

The SLV Cement solution was implement on the Société des Ciments de Gabès (SCG), a company acquired by Grupo Secil in January of 2000, a fundamental step in internationalization strategy of the company.

Being the most southern factory of Tunisia, it satisfies the needs of the south regions of the country which became its privileged market. A full renovation of the bagging and expedition systems, using equipment and technologies of high performance, has resulted on records sales of 950 thousand tonnes, increasing the market share to 17%.

The implementation of the SLV Cement has taken on an innovative character allowing the equipping of the unit with a rigorous and effective planning system which is shared online with their clients, suppliers and carriers.

This project involved the automation of truck parking, weighbridges and loading lanes of bagged cement.

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