Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant

SLV Cement Helps Improve the Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant

This article was published in CemWeek India Cement & Construction Materials magazine (vol. 1, issue 1), in 1st of August, 2011. To download the standalone version of this article, click here (3Mb file).

In early 2011 the Cachapuz Bilanciai Group and its Indian partner, String Automation, completed the implementation of their SLV Cement solution at Jaypee Rewa unit, the flagship cement plant of the Jaypee Group. The project, which improves inbound and outbound dispatching and logistics processes, has been a success for all participating companies.

Jaypee Group
Rewa, India
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The Problem

The flow of materials into and out of any cement plant can often be chaotic. Even the most well-orchestrated transportation plans are open to the risk of human error and require numerous man hours to run smoothly. For years, the transportation logistics aspect of plant management has been ready for an improvement in technology that would allow it run more safely and efficiently. Cachapuz helped the Jaypee Group bring these improvements to the Rewa unit through the SLV Cement system. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the Jaypee Rewa plant is the Jaypee Group’s main cement production unit. The plant has a production capacity of 3.0 mtpy. Because of its importance for the company, this plant was the first selected to implement the SLV Cement system.

The Solution

Cachapuz customized the SLV Cement solution to meet the needs of the Jaypee Rewa plant, providing the necessary tools and equipment for complete automation of its functional areas, such as dispatching, weighing, parking, entry/exit gates and raw materials unloading. The tools for process management, business analysis and integration with the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning program were also fully customized. All required process operators use SLV Cement software front ends, which were tailored to ensure that the software modules are simple and well focalized on the business processes.

Using the SLV Cement system, the truck driver performs the loading/unloading process in self-service mode, interacting with the system components. First, he identifies himself in the parking kiosk, which validates the permission to load/unload from SAP, and waits for the system or the operators to call him. When called, he drives to one of the entry weighbridges, identifies himself, and the system registers the truck’s weight after checking with positioning sensors that the truck is in the correct position on the weighbridge. When a traffic light informs him to proceed, he goes to the indicated loading/unloading area, where he performs the operation assisted by SLV Cement unloading kiosks (in the case of raw materials unloading processes). Then he goes to the exit weighbridge, identifies himself in the kiosk, and the system registers the second weight and prints the necessary documentation. All information is automatically synchronized with SAP to ensure that the data is consolidated in the two systems. To conclude the process, the driver goes to the dispatch zone to collect the legal documents, which are prepared in SAP using the data registered by SLV Cement.

The installed SLV Cement solution comprised an SLV Cement framework with SAP-ERP integration; a parking zone with two large information panels that are fully visible at 150 meters, one SLV Cement parking kiosk and one digital signage information unit; seven weighbridges with SLV Cement check-in/checkout self-service kiosks (with color touch screen, RFID card/tag reader, collectors and thermal kiosk printer), 14 positioning sensors and traffic lights; and three raw materials unloading zones with SLV Cement raw materials kiosks (with RFID card readers and embedded traffic lights). The necessary SAP interface functions were developed by SAP Consultants of JIL-Information Technology, an IT arm of the Jaypee Group.

Satisfaction and Recognition

The success of the SLV Cement implementation in the Jaypee Rewa plant was possible with the hard work, commitment and team spirit of all the teams of Cachapuz Bilanciai Group, String Automation and Jaypee SAP/IT and Maintenance teams. On April 4, 2011, almost three months after the successful launch of SLV Cement in India, officers from Cachapuz Bilanciai Group and String Automation visited the Jaypee Rewa plant and met Mr. Sunny Gaur, Hon’ble Managing Director of Jaiprakash Associates Limited (Jaypee Group), Mr. C. S. Jain, Senior President (Commercial) of the Jaypee Rewa plant, as well as other personnel from several plants of the same group. During the meeting the parties discussed the implementation of SLV Cement in the Rewa plant. The Jaypee Group provided very positive and motivating feedback. According to Mr. Sunny Gaur, “The SLV Cement solution is efficient, is running very well and we are very happy with it”. Mr. C. S. Jain, Senior President (Commercial) of the Jaypee Rewa plant, has been highly satisfied with the SLV Cement launch. According to Mr. Jain, the processes through SLV Cement “take 30 seconds, save 15 minutes at respective weighbridges, reduce the manual interventions, chances of errors drastically minimized while also eliminating chaos through disciplined movement of trucks inside the Plant area. The Jaypee Rewa plant was the first Indian Cement plant to receive the prestigious award of BSC Five Star as well as Sword of Honour from British Safety Council, United Kingdom after successful implementation of SLV Cement Software. After analyzing satisfactory performance of the SLV Cement software implementation, the Jaypee Group placed an order with Cachapuz Solutions, Portugal, to roll out the solution across other cement plants in the Jaypee Group”.

Er. Bikramjit Singh, Director of String Automation, Cachapuz’s exclusive partner in India, has also expressed satisfaction with the SLV Cement arrangement and expects that it will be highly successful in the future. Er. Singh has recognized a tendency towards innovation and technology among Indian industrialists, stating that such technology “amounts to enhanced efficiency, better safety and health care for their workers.” String Automation is capitalizing on this trend by partnering with Cachapuz Bilanciai Group to bring their SLV Cement product to the local market and customize it to local needs and culture. Er. Singh reports that the response has been “overwhelming” and that many more companies will be adopting the SLV Cement system in the near future.

New Orders

Based on the success of this first implementation, Cachapuz Bilanciai and String Automation received new orders to implement SLV Cement in two more Jaypee Group plants: Chunar cement plant, located in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh and Baga cement plant, located in Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, Cachapuz/String were also awarded new orders to implement an SLV Cement Bags Counting Module in Rewa and Chunar plants, with a total of 22 bag loading lines. These new orders reflect the satisfaction of Jaypee Group in SLV Cement and represent the consolidation of the Cachapuz/String strategy for the Indian market.

Key Advantages of SLV Cement for Jaypee Rewa project:
  • Automated raw materials reception and cement dispatching processes
  • Well-oriented and business-focalized software front ends
  • Self-service operations 24/7
  • Increased organization of truck movement
  • Reduced turnaround time to complete the loading/unloading operations
  • Improved safety and security at the plant
  • Integrated with SAP ERP
  • Reduction of manpower and human errors
  • Remote support to the system
About Cachapuz Bilanciai Group

Cachapuz is a Portuguese company that is a part of the Bilanciai Group, one of the biggest industrial weighing groups with representation in more than 30 countries worldwide. Cachapuz develops and implements automated solutions in a wide range of business areas, including cement plants and quarries. Cachapuz Bilanciai Group’s exclusive partner for the Indian market is String Automation.

About SLV Cement

SLV Cement is an innovative solution for cement plants that provides the complete automation of the main functional areas such as parking management, self-service weighing, dispatching, entrance, bulk loading, bagged cement loading and counting, raw materials unloading, exit, fleet tracking and management, ERP integration and business analysis.

About Jaypee Group

Jaiprakash Associates is a 25,000 crore well-diversified industrial conglomerate with a significant presence in engineering, construction, and other industries. It is the third largest cement producer in the country, specializing in a particular blend of Portland Pozzolana Cement under the brand name Jaypee Cement (PPC). Its cement division currently operates modern cement plants with an aggregate capacity of 22.80 mtpy. The company is in the midst of capacity expansion of its cement business throughout the country and is slated to have a capacity of 35.90 mtpy by FY12E with captive thermal power plants totaling 672 MW.