New Case Study – “The SLV Cement automatic bags counting solution”

22 August, 2019

“Cachapuz Bilanciai Group has revealed the new SLV Cement Bags Counting Module, which improves the bags loading and counting processes in cement plants. This new module, which relies on a proprietary algorithm to ensure an automatic and accurate counting even in case of abnormal situations, can be applied in both truck and wagon loading machines and can be seamlessly integrated with the customer’s ERP with great benefits.”

This is the abstract of the new SLV Cement case study published in the BMHR 2012 (Bulk Materials Handling Review a supplement to World Cement Magazine, September issue). This case study explains the main functionalities and advantages of the SLV Cement Bags Counting module to improve the bags loading processes in cement plants.

The complete case study can also be found in the Case Studies section of SLV Cement website.