New SLV Cement Digital Signage Module

22 August, 2019

Cachapuz has launched a new SLV Cement Digital Signage Module, composed by a large size Kiosk with a 42” LCD screen, running the new and configurable SLV Cement Digital Signage software. This new module can be applied in several areas of the plant such as maintenance and control rooms, truck drivers’ waiting rooms in the parking zone, dispatch offices, security gates, etc. Due to the offered features of flexibility and configurability, it can be used for different purposes depending on the project and the customer’s requirements.

The SLV Cement Digital Signage Kiosk can be configured with different types of information in various formats such as charts, tables, web pages, IP Cameras monitoring, TV channels or videos and can automatically refresh its contents in pre-configured intervals, therefore presenting the most relevant and updated data to its users. Because of the flexibility of the software’s frontend, kiosks can be mounted in “landscape” or “portrait” position and the type and number of different displayed panels can be configured as necessary.