New SLV Cement Web Based Frontend

22 August, 2019

SLV Cement has been improved with a new Web Based software frontend, configured on top of the dynamic and modular Software Framework developed by Cachapuz, which will be used to upgrade all the SLV Platform based solutions as well as all the other solutions provided by Cachapuz worldwide.

With this web based version, SLV Cement offers many advantages when compared to the previous desktop based version, since it is installed centrally in the local server at the plant; all users from all the teams on the plant will be able to use the solution without having to install or upgrade any software on the local computer. The SLV Cement users will only need a computer with a standard browser and a network access. They will then logon to the system using a browser, locally at the plant or remotely from office or home, and they will be able to perform all the daily tasks for dispatch, logistics, maintenance and management of the SLV Cement processes, with the same functionalities, look and feel of a standard desktop software application.