New SLV Cement Web Based Frontend

SLV Cement has been improved with a new Web Based software frontend, configured on top of the dynamic and modular Software Framework developed by Cachapuz, which will be used to upgrade all the SLV Platform based solutions as well as all the other solutions provided by Cachapuz worldwide.

With this web based version, SLV Cement offers many advantages when compared to the previous desktop based version, since it is installed centrally in the local server at the plant; all users from all the teams on the plant will be able to use the solution without having to install or upgrade any software on the local computer. The SLV Cement users will only need a computer with a standard browser and a network access. They will then logon to the system using a browser, locally at the plant or remotely from office or home, and they will be able to perform all the daily tasks for dispatch, logistics, maintenance and management of the SLV Cement processes, with the same functionalities, look and feel of a standard desktop software application.

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Cachapuz invited to speak on Cement Business & Industry India 2012

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group was invited to speak at the CBI India 2012 Conference (Cement Business & Industry India 2012), organized by GMI Global and held in Mumbai, India, on October 9-11, to explain how SLV Cement can improve the logistic, dispatching and weighing processes in cement plants.

According to Gerald Longo, Vice President, GMI Global, the delegates attending the Conference represented cement organizations on a global and Indian cement industry: “A wide mix of senior-level executives such as general managers, vice president, and business heads formed the majority of the audience in addition to, technical directors, engineers, analysts and associates. (…) Delegates found not only the representation and ability to meet with the sponsors extremely helpful, but also hearing about the latest innovations and best practices.

In our presentation at the Conference we have explained the main logistic problems that Cachapuz usually finds in cement plant projects worldwide, how they can be solved with the SLV Cement solution and the main gains for our customers (tangible and intangible).

If you would like to receive the presentation used in the conference or if you would like to discuss with us how we can improve your plant too, please don’t hesitate to contact us through We will be pleased to assist you with your enquires.

For more information about the CBI India 2012 conference follow the link below: CBI India 2012 website.

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New Case Study – “The SLV Cement automatic bags counting solution”

“Cachapuz Bilanciai Group has revealed the new SLV Cement Bags Counting Module, which improves the bags loading and counting processes in cement plants. This new module, which relies on a proprietary algorithm to ensure an automatic and accurate counting even in case of abnormal situations, can be applied in both truck and wagon loading machines and can be seamlessly integrated with the customer’s ERP with great benefits.”

This is the abstract of the new SLV Cement case study published in the BMHR 2012 (Bulk Materials Handling Review a supplement to World Cement Magazine, September issue). This case study explains the main functionalities and advantages of the SLV Cement Bags Counting module to improve the bags loading processes in cement plants.

The complete case study can also be found in the Case Studies section of SLV Cement website.

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SLV Cement on CBI India 2012

We are proud to announce that Cachapuz Bilanciai Group, with its SLV Cement solution, is a Silver Sponsor of the CBI India 2012 event. The event will be held in Mumbai (The Leela Hotel) in October 10-11, 2012.

We invite you to visit our exhibition booth and to assist to our presentation at session 9B on Oct. 11, under the theme “Squeezing existing plant efficiency: Automation, efficiency and control“.

About the event: “The cement industry in India is undergoing a period of exuberance on account of overall growth of the Indian economy. Driven by the increase of activities in construction and national infrastructure investment, the industry is moving ahead in spite of the worldwide economic recession.As communities and individuals assess the opportunities available in today’s market, CBI INDIA 2012 will facilitate the information exchange and network building that will be necessary for wise decision-making.

CBI INDIA 2012 is an annual event dedicated to senior level executives and decision makers in the Indian cement industry. Around 250 stakeholders will assemble in Mumbai, India on October 10-11 to attend the event, which stands for Cement Business & Industry India.

For more information about the CBI India event follow this link.

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New Case Study – “Still running smoothly” (Cimentos Madeira Terminal)

“Back in 2001, when Cimentos Madeira wanted to automate the bulk and bagged cement dispatching processes at its Socorridos depot on the island of Madeira, Portugal, it turned to the Cachapuz Bilanciai Group for a 24/7 solution. The producer’s offshore location, its extended dispatch schedule as well as the inter-operability and the synchronisation of data between its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the new solution were key considerations when selecting the most suitable system and supplier”.

This is the abstract of the new SLV Cement case study published in the International Cement Review Magazine dedicated to the cement industry. This case study explains the advantages of the SLV Cement implementation in Cimentos Madeira Terminal more than 10 years ago and how the system still runs smoothly today, thanks to its robustness and reliability, according to the testimonial of Mr. José Franco, Logistics Director of Cimentos Madeira.

The complete case study can be found in the Case Studies section of SLV Cement website or it can be read directly on the new issue of ICR Magazine (issue September, 2012) which is already available. 

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SLV Cement was highlighted in Cemweek India Magazine

The new SLV Cement version was highlighted in the new issue of Cemweek India Cement & Construction Materials magazine (volume 1, issue 6, May/June 2012).

About the magazine: “The Cemweek India Cement & Construction Materials magazine is squarely focused on the Indian market and is ideal for India’s decision makers, influencers as well as foreign companies that need to understand and follow the industry’s rapidly evolving dynamics.“

Follow the next link to read the article (page no. 43) in the complete online magazine, which is now available:

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New Case Study – “Meeting Dispatch Challenges” (Jaypee Baga Plant, India)

“With a challenging geographical location in the Himachal Pradesh mountains of India, Jaiprakash Associates’ Baga plant called in the help of Cachapuz Bilanciai Group to optimize its dispatching facilities. By automating the main dispatch processes with SLV Cement software and automation modules, the cement producer was able to significantly improve its truck movements.”

This is the abstract of the new SLV Cement case study published in the International Cement Review Magazine dedicated to the cement industry. The case study explains the advantage of SLV Cement implementation in Baga cement plant which have improved the number of trucks dispatched per hour, have reduced the number of operators involved in the processes, have improved the organization of truck movement and reduced the global turnaround time to complete each loading and unloading operation, like expressed by the testimonial of Sh. B. K. Sharma (Joint President, Jaypee Himachal Cement Plant Baga), and the technical insights of Mr. Praveen Chander Sharma (EDP Section, Jaypee Himachal Cement Plant).

The complete case study can be found in the Case Studies section of SLV Cement website or it can be read directly on the new issue of ICR Magazine (issue June, 2012) already available.

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The new SLV Cement – Cross-Platform ready

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group is proud to announce the new version of its innovative dispatching solution for cement plants – SLV Cement.  This new version is the result of years of experience and know-how acquired by implementing SLV Cement in cement plants worldwide, complemented by the extensive research and development tasks performed in Cachapuz’ Engineering and Innovation Department.

The new SLV Cement solution was built taking into account the changes in the computing and communication world, which is leading us to a more connected world where the mobile devices and the cross-platform solutions are requested by the market. In the cement industry this is also the case, the users and agents from all departments (such as maintenance, logistics, commercial, dispatching and management) interacting with IT systems are also demanding the ability to use their applications and access to the information across several devices and platforms, to take control of the inbound and outbound processes in their plants.

This new release of SLV Cement was developed using the most innovativeand state-of-the-art technologies and paradigms available and is now web-based and cross-platform. This introduces new ways for the users to interact with the system from everywhere and using different types of devices. From a standard desktop PC, a kiosk, a Smartphone or Tablet, the users can always be connected with the system and are able to interact with it at any time. Functionalities like the reporting and KPI analysis, layout and flow configurations, monitoring of the system, frontend of the kiosk screens, among others are now available from multiple devices and platforms, improving the user experience and availability and thus reducing the time to access those features.

Complementing the mobility of the users, the notification and alertscomponents were also improved so that the users can be informed by e-mail or SMS on pre-defined events occurring during the loading and unloading processes (such as abnormal situations, unauthorized operations, maintenance needs, lack of connectivity in a module of the system, among others).

All the new modules of the system have been upgraded with these new functionalities, such as the check-in, parking management and truck calling, access control and identification, automatic and self-service weighing, dispatch and reception, bulk loading, raw materials unloading and bags loading and counting.

Today SLV Cement is a state-of-the-art dispatching and truck management solution that automates all the processes, from the trucks’ arrival at the cement plant, to the dispatching of cement/clinker, reception of raw materials and automatic printing of the necessary documentation at the end of the process, assuring the automatic exchange of information with the ERP in online and offline modes. The main advantages of the solution are:

  • RFID access control and identification;
  • Self-service and unmanned weighing operations;
  • Automated bulk loading and dispatching processes 24/7;
  • Reduction of manpower, human errors and fraud;
  • Improvement of safety and security on the plant;
  • Improved logistics and control on the inbound/outbound processes;
  • Increased organization of truck movement;
  • Reduction of turnaround time to complete the loading and unloading operations;
  • Increase of the number of trucks dispatched per hour;
  • Increased quality of the service for customers, suppliers and transporters;
  • Elimination of parallel and non integrated systems;
  • Well oriented and business focalized software frontends;
  • Web-based and cross-platform frontends, with authorization and authentication security features;
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting for control of the operations and decision making;
  • Integration with the customer’s ERP in online/offline modes;
  • Remote support to the system.

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The new Cachapuz Bilanciai Group Brochure

In the new Cachapuz Bilanciai Group Engineering and Innovation brochure you can find information about the capabilities, technologies and solutions offered to the global market for the automation, logistics, truck management, dispatching/reception and weighing in industrial plants.

With a modular and scalable software and hardware platform (SLV Platform), together with a wide expertise and know-how in this business areas gathered during several decades of experience, Cachapuz is able to meet the needs of a wide range of business areas worldwide (cement, aggregates, quarrying and mining, steel, energy, waste management, food and other industries), with proven results.

You can read or download this brochure in here and here (direct download link for the PDF).

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How to take control of your plant’s inbound and outbound processes?

The answer is: “With SLV Cement solution.”

SLV Cement is a dispatching and truck management solution that automates all the processes, from the trucks arrival at the cement plant, to the dispatching of cement/clinker, reception of raw materials and automatic printing of the necessary documentation at the end of the process.

SLV Cement’s flexible, modular and scalable architecture enables the control and improvement of the inbound and outbound processes of a cement plant, by providing the necessary software and hardware components to manage the main functional areas:

  • RFID access control and identification (both short and long range RFID technologies)
  • Cement and clinker dispatching
  • Automatic truck parking management (queue and calling)
  • Entry/exit gates control
  • Self-service and unmanned weighing
  • Self-service bulk loading (cement, clinker and fly ash) for trucks and wagons
  • Bags loading and automatic counting
  • Raw materials unloading control and validation
  • Fleet management (GPS/GPRS)
  • Business and KPI analysis and rich Reporting features
  • ERP integration in online and offline modes (contingency)

Several cement plants are already experiencing the benefits and advantages of SLV Cement and many more are keen to implement the solution and improve their processes. If you want to be part of the growing list of satisfied customers, feel free to contact us (directly or through our partners) and share with us your needs and expectations, so that our specialized and experienced engineers can show you how you can take control with SLV Cement.

For more information about SLV Cement solution, videos, success stories and implementations, main customers and news, please navigate through this website. Start here.

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