Cachapuz invited to speak on Cement Business & Industry India 2012

22 Agosto, 2019

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group was invited to speak at the CBI India 2012 Conference (Cement Business & Industry India 2012), organized by GMI Global and held in Mumbai, India, on October 9-11, to explain how SLV Cement can improve the logistic, dispatching and weighing processes in cement plants.

According to Gerald Longo, Vice President, GMI Global, the delegates attending the Conference represented cement organizations on a global and Indian cement industry: “A wide mix of senior-level executives such as general managers, vice president, and business heads formed the majority of the audience in addition to, technical directors, engineers, analysts and associates. (…) Delegates found not only the representation and ability to meet with the sponsors extremely helpful, but also hearing about the latest innovations and best practices.

In our presentation at the Conference we have explained the main logistic problems that Cachapuz usually finds in cement plant projects worldwide, how they can be solved with the SLV Cement solution and the main gains for our customers (tangible and intangible).

If you would like to receive the presentation used in the conference or if you would like to discuss with us how we can improve your plant too, please don’t hesitate to contact us through We will be pleased to assist you with your enquires.

For more information about the CBI India 2012 conference follow the link below: CBI India 2012 website.