Amreyah Cimpor


Amreyah Cimpor Cement Company is located in Alexandria, Egypt and is one of the companies belonging to Cimpor Group. The cement plant has an annual production capacity of over than 3.9 Millions tones.

Our solution

Amreyah Cimpor Cement Company has the system implemented since 2008 to manage the loading/unloading processes inside its industrial unit.

SLV Cement was customized to meet the needs of this industrial unit, providing the necessary tools and equipments for the complete automation of its functional areas (weighing, parking, entry/exit gates, bag loading and raw material unloading), the tools for process management and business analysis (web portals, statistical data, business indicators, automatic alerts, etc.) and the integration with SAP ERP in online/offline mode (to ensure the plant will work even in case of communication failure).

With this solution the truck driver performs the loading/unloading process in self-service mode, interacting with the system components: he identifies himself in the park kiosk, that validates the permission to load/unload from SAP, and waits for the system to call him; when called in the information panel, he goes to the entry weighbridge, identifies himself and the system registers the first weigh after checking with positioning sensors that the truck is in the correct position; when the traffic lights inform him to proceed, he goes to the indicated loading/unloading area, where he performs the operation assisted by SLV kiosks; finally he goes to the exit weighbridge, he identifies himself and the system registers the second weigh and prints the necessary documentation in the kiosk, which concludes the operation.

Amreyah Cimpor Cement Company
Alexandria, Egypt
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The installed solution was SLV Cement, composed of:
  • SLV Cement solution with online/offline integration with SAP ERP
  • 6 weighbridges (2 under implementation)
  • 3 entrance/exit zones (1 under implementation)
  • 1 SLV Kiosk Park (with color touch screen and RFID card readers)
  • 1 Information Panel (large dimensions with full visibility at 150 meters)
  • 6 SLV Kiosks Check-In / Check-Out (with color touch screen, thermal printer, RFID card readers, traffic lights and positioning sensors)
  • 4 SLV kiosks Raw Materials (with RFID card readers and embedded traffic lights)
  • 2 SLV Kiosk Load System (with color touch screen)
  • Automated dispatching solution
  • Self-service operations 24/7
  • Web Interface and rich data exploration
  • SAP Integration (Online/Offline modes)
  • Remote support to the system
Some Statistics
  • Number of operations realized in one year: over 220.000,00
  • Maximum number of vehicles dispatched in one hour: more than 100
  • Maximum number of vehicles dispatched in one day: more than 1000