How to take control of your plant’s inbound and outbound processes?

22 Agosto, 2019

The answer is: “With SLV Cement solution.”

SLV Cement is a dispatching and truck management solution that automates all the processes, from the trucks arrival at the cement plant, to the dispatching of cement/clinker, reception of raw materials and automatic printing of the necessary documentation at the end of the process.

SLV Cement’s flexible, modular and scalable architecture enables the control and improvement of the inbound and outbound processes of a cement plant, by providing the necessary software and hardware components to manage the main functional areas:

  • RFID access control and identification (both short and long range RFID technologies)
  • Cement and clinker dispatching
  • Automatic truck parking management (queue and calling)
  • Entry/exit gates control
  • Self-service and unmanned weighing
  • Self-service bulk loading (cement, clinker and fly ash) for trucks and wagons
  • Bags loading and automatic counting
  • Raw materials unloading control and validation
  • Fleet management (GPS/GPRS)
  • Business and KPI analysis and rich Reporting features
  • ERP integration in online and offline modes (contingency)

Several cement plants are already experiencing the benefits and advantages of SLV Cement and many more are keen to implement the solution and improve their processes. If you want to be part of the growing list of satisfied customers, feel free to contact us (directly or through our partners) and share with us your needs and expectations, so that our specialized and experienced engineers can show you how you can take control with SLV Cement.

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