Leadership is about weighing details!

22 Agosto, 2019

Portugal is now a fashionable theme. Outside its borders it is a ‘hit’ in terms of tourism and culture. There are Portuguese companies of excellence and ‘case studies’ that are reported daily. And all this in a country plunged into a deep crisis and austerity. Are we living in two different realities? Probably. One part lives. The other survives.

For those who ‘choose’ to live, success is the goal, but the path is long and arduous, only transposed to the bold and persevering. When they reach the mountain top, as in football, only the result matters and we rarely see the ‘game’: how muscular, demanding and persistent was the epic uphill path.

This is the beginning of an enlightening article that Cachapuz published in the prestigious ICR Magazine last September.

Read all about here (pdf download).