New order from Jaypee Group (India)

22 Agosto, 2019

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group/String Automation Private Limited received a new order to implement SLV Cement Bag Counting module in Jaiprakash Associates Limited (the cement division of Jaypee Group). The bag counting module will be installed to improve and control the bags loading processes in 12 truck loading lines at Rewa Cement Plant (located at Madhya Pradesh), the flagship cement plant of Jaypee Group.

This new module will complement the SLV Cement solution implemented in January, 2011 and enables the automatic counting of bags directly on the truck loading machines/conveyor belt and notifies the loading operators that the requested amount of bags registered in the order has been achieved. This module reduces the turnaround time of the bag loading process, avoids the need of the trucks’ return to the packing plants to add or remove bags due to an incorrect number of bags loaded, reduces human errors and faults, avoids the need of paper exchange to/from the packing plant, avoids the need of manual counting and check of loaded trucks and automatically integrates in the customer’s ERP the information about the number of bags loaded into each truck.