SLV Cement arrives in Morocco

22 Agosto, 2019

Votorantim Asment Temara is the the company in Morocco where Cachapuz is installing SLV Cement, the advanced logistics IT solution that standardizes and automates the logistic flow of materials in cement plants.

SLV Cement improves and optimizes dispatch processes, allowing the monitoring and control of operations, as well as plant performance and the level of service provided. Integrated with the company’s ERP, the technological solution is also equipped with powerful operational analysis tools, automatically generating detailed reports according to the designated users.

SLV Cement implementation aims to optimize and automate the logistic flows of raw material input and cement exit, whether in bags, pallets or in bulk, fully integrated with SAP.

The scope of the implementation also includes the automation of the operations of entry, exit and transfer of material from the main quarry of Asment to the aggregate business unit in Grabemaro.

Votorantim Asment Temara is one of the most important cement companies in Morocco, working on several reference projects in that country. With an integrated cement factory that presents a total annual cement production capacity of 1.2 million tons, it’s responsible for the production of four types of cement for different uses in construction.