SLV Cement on CEDT’s “Economic Efficiency and Competitiveness” Event

22 Agosto, 2019

Cachapuz Bilanciai Group was invited by CEDT (Centre of Excellence for Dematerialization of Transactions) to present SLV Cement solution, the expertise in the dematerialization of transactions in the cement industry and the Internationalization Strategy in the Brainstorming event. The event, with the subject “Economic Efficiency and Competitiveness”, was held in Leiria, Portugal, on 22nd, November 2011.

CEDT – The Centre of Excellence in Dematerialization of Transactions is a private non-profit association established in May 2008 with the joint support of Information and Communication Technologies companies’ (ICT) playing a leading role in the domain of Dematerialization of Transactions and within entities from the National Scientific and Technological System, as well as other public and private actors. The shared goals assure a productive collaboration and the accomplishment of important initiatives in various areas of competence.