RFID identification technology applied in cement plants

22 August, 2019

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and it is one of the most used technologies in the world, in several business sectors and industries, for automatic identification, assets management and tracking of goods, vehicles, animals and even persons (called human implantation).

Cachapuz has been using the RFID technology solution since the early 90s’, by implementing it for truck management and loading/unloading applications in cement and other industries, with proven results.

By using an RFID tag or card (with short or long range RFID technology), truck drivers can interact with the SLV Cement system in several areas of the plant avoiding the need to contact with plant operators. Drivers present the RFID tag in one or more SLV Cement Kiosks or RFID readers along the process and the system automatically validates the information associated to that particular tag (by consulting the cached master data or by exchanging information with the customer’s ERP), also validates the type of operation the driver wants to perform on the plant and authorizes/denies the access of the driver to the next stage of the process. SLV Cement will guide the driver throughout the process automatically with great benefits for the plant, for the plant’s customers, suppliers, transporters and also for the plant staff.

To see the SLV Cement RFID identification and control features, please watch the demonstration videos.