SLV Cement Bags Loading Module for forklifts

22 August, 2019

The SLV Cement Bags Loading Module is composed by an industrial PanelPC with wireless connectivity that runs the SLV Cement Loading Module for the management of pallets loading with forklifts. The PanelPC is installed onboard of the forklift, so that the operator can:

1. access the necessary information to perform the loading operation without the need to exit the forklift;
2. manage the calling of the next vehicles and register the start, pause and end of the operations.

The authorized operators logon to the system (the module is protected with login and password), select the warehouse (in case the forklift can load product from different warehouses of the plant) to obtain the list of pending operations (and related information, such as license plate of the truck, type of product, requested quantity, current service time for quality of service purposes, etc.) and to ultimately manage and control those operations (start, pause, resume and end). At the end of each operation, SLV Cement automatically integrates the loading information with the ERP and calls the next truck (or trucks) waiting in the parking area to load, depending on the availability of the warehouse and other process rules, thus improving the loading processes and reducing the turnaround time (TAT) for these operations.

Optionally and if required, this module can used to read through wireless the weight of a weighing platform installed on the warehouse to weight the forklift with the pallets or directly from an onboard weighing system installed on the forklift. By doing this, SLV Cement Bags Loading Module on the PanelPC will be able to read the weight of the pallets and calculate the final NET weight of each type of product on the truck. If the weighing platforms are certified for commercial applications (metrological approved), SLV Cement can perform the Weight-out operation for this process directly in the warehouse and the truck can use a fast exit lane without weighbridge at the end of the process.

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