The new innovative version of SLV Cement

22 August, 2019

The new version of the innovative dispatching solution for cement plants – SLV Cement is the result of years of experience and acquired know-how when implementing SLV Cement in cement plants worldwide, complemented by the extensive research and development tasks performed by Cachapuz.

The new SLV Cement solution was built taking into account the changes in the computing and communication world, which is leading us to a more connected world where mobile devices and cross-platform solutions are requested by the market. In the cement industry this is also the case: users and agents from all departments (such as maintenance, logistics, commercial, dispatching and management) which interact with IT systems are also demanding the ability to use their applications and the possibility to access to information across several devices and platforms in order to take control of the inbound and outbound processes in their plants.

To read the complete press release and additional information about the solution, videos, case studies, main customers, references and news, please visit the SLV Cement website.