Imagine an IT logistics solution that can guide your drivers through a Custom-made process flow in your cement plant...


There is an IT Solution that incorporates data, features and services provided by terminals, sensors, connected devices – anything with a digital heartbeat – to sparkle innovation and enable incredible new experiences across your business!

We have


Process Oriented

SLV Cement streamlines, standardizes and automates material flow enabling operational improvement and optimization of inbound and outbound processes.

Integration With ERP

Seamless online/offline ERP integration maps business flows into operational procedures and provides a vertical solution for cement companies.

Business Analysis

SLV Cement provides powerful tools for operational analysis, delivering automatically detailed reports to the right users.

SLV Cement Framework

SLV Cement relies on a dependable and advanced software framework designed and developed with focus in cement companies’ logistic challenges, providing an integrated solution that addresses all operational, optimization, automation and business analysis requirements in a single logistic environment.

Its modular and scalable architecture leverages the use of advanced identification technologies and HMI devices to enable unmanned operations and the integration with automation and information systems to provide completely automated load and unload procedures.

It is an Industry 4.0 enabled framework that integrates and empowers the use of intelligent sensing technologies, IoT devices, computer vision and augmented reality to deliver a comprehensive and innovative logistic management system that improves operational optimization and user experience.


One of the key and distinctive features of SLV Cement is its flexibility to virtualize any plant layout and define material flows that impose different system behaviors within a process-oriented approach.

These flows are managed through a friendly graphical interface that enables the configuration of each stage in the process and the customization of contextualized actions to be performed at each stage, namely ERP calls or developed software extensions that address particular requirements.

A proven solution



SLV Cement solution was one of the finalists in the IBJ Awards, category “Innovative Technology Award”. This award is sponsored by the International Bulk Journal.

Implementation done at Jaypee Cement was awarded “Best ALM Excellence Award for Cement” under “The Best Run Business Club” awarded at All India ALM Conference.